Amy Jaramillo
The Ultimate Biohacker 
CEO, Founder and Scientific Director of Body Science LLC, Juventis Medspa, BiomeIQ and MTHFR Experts. 
Case Studies
I am The Ultimate Biohacker™, the interface between science and medicine. I leverage the most accurate tests with Advanced Symptom Analysis Techniques (ASAT) to get to the bottom of health issues.
Biosciences, namely biology and chemistry, are so important to understanding the body, how it gets healthy, how it gets sick, and how medications work. Biosciences fill in the “how” and “why” which is essential to determine the root cause of health problems. This process opens the door for cures rather than simply treatments. The problem: biosciences are rarely part of the health process...

I am the “how” and “why” person when it comes to health, the Biohacker of Bioscience, I am the Ultimate Biohacker.
In 2009, I partnered with a University of Miami Neurologist, I created Juventis, a functional medical center in Miami, Florida.  The mission was and still is to identify and treat the link between feeling blah and the changes that start to occur at that point including thyroid, blood sugar and reproductive hormone issues. I created BodyScience LLC in 2015 to add better testing options for superior  “root analysis” which led to faster, more accurate treatments and cures not just at Juventis but working with centers around the country as well as executives needing higher level medical access.  Two years ago, I developed a professional supplement line, BiomeIQ LLC, as a replacement for the multitude of low quality supplements masquerading as health solutions.  Most recently, I founded MTHFR Experts, a think tank of clinical support and answers for doctors, nurses and people suffering with illnesses that have become increasing more common as the food supply and chemical exposures continue to mount.  Designed to help more than 40% of people worldwide who are genetically poor detoxifiers, the same people who are getting sick at unprecedented rates with conditions including childhood onset of type two diabetes, autism, leaky gut, migraine disorders, depression and anxiety disorders, sleep problems and hormone disruptions.
Case Study - 1
Chronically cold hands, diagnosed with Raynaud’s
Kidney stones at least 7-8 times

2001 hand pain/inflammation in joints of both hands started, describes testing her home for toxins since she grew orchids the were continually dying around that time.  No positive findings.
Case Study 2
Case Study - 3
The Ultimate Biohacker
Amy Jaramillo, CEO, Founder and Scientific Director of Body Science LLC, Juventis Medspa, BiomeIQ and MTHFR Experts.
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